Woman’s phone is buzzing nonstop after she offered to help “depressed” Nigerian men “cum” so they don’t commit suicide (screenshots)


A woman offered free sex to depressed men on Facebook and she provided her WhatsApp number for them to reach out to her. Needless to say, the response has been alarming.

Enderlin Chinenyenwa Ambrose revealed that lack of sex is one of the top reason why Nigerian men commit suicide and she offered to be a remedy. She offered “depression sex” to men who are depressed and promised that the “p**y” will get to them no matter their location.

Shortly after she made the offer, she got hundreds of WhatsApp messages and calls from Nigerian men claiming they are depressed. She also got lots of Facebook messages and ended up being placed on a temporary Facebook ban such that she can not send Facebook messages for a while.

She went on to share screenshots of her missed calls and WhatsApp messages to show the hundreds of Nigerian men sending her messages that they are interested in having “depression sex”. One even asked if the “pu**y” can get to him in Ibadan.

Below are screenshots of her Facebook interactions and the messages she’s been getting from men.