Woman who took her dog for an haircut… doesn’t recognize him when he comes out


A dog owner, Carley Coca from Florida was left in shock after being unable to recognize her pet dog after taking him to the local groomer.

Coca, 28, took her seven-year-old Samoyed, named Nanuk, to her local groomer to cut his hair a little bit but it seems there was a mix up in communication, and when she came back the next day to pick up her dog, he looked so unrecognizable that she even passed him.

She said she was suprised to find out her very hairy dog had become bald and now looked more like a British Bull Terrier than a Samoyed and she has to wear him sun cream until his fur grows back.

She said to Mirror UK: “When I went to pick up Nanuk from the groomers, I literally said out loud, ‘That’s not my dog’.

“The groomer assured me it was Nanuk and I even had to call him to check, but he looked like a complete different breed.”