Woman told as a teen that she’ll never grow bo obs strips down for topless photoshoot


A 28-year-old mother who was told as a teen that she would never grow breasts due to severe chest burns has bared all for the first time.

Sacha Pugsley was nine years old when she was badly burnt after a petrol container exploded outside her home. She spent three months in a coma and two years in hospital and has had over 60 surgeries to rebuild her burnt body.

The burns left Sacha with damaged breast tissue and doctors told her she wouldn’t grow boobs like girls her age.

The burn survivor is now baring all in a topless photoshoot to showcase her burns.

Sacha, who volunteers at her local homeless centre, said:

At the age of 16 I was told I wouldn’t grow any boobs like all the other girls around me because I was burnt so badly on my chest. ‘

t was difficult growing up as I felt so isolated and self conscious of the burns I’d suffered as a child.

There was a field near where I lived and I was going out to play – I was literally in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Some kids were messing around with lighter fluid and a petrol canister exploded on me.

I had to have my armpits rebuilt as the heat caused my skin melt so my arms and sides bonded together.

My hands burnt to the bone as well – I woke up during one my surgeries and saw it all, it was horrible.

After being told she would never grow breasts naturally, Sacha had three stints of liposuction to remove the fat from her back into her chest to give the appearance of boobs. But at 20 years old she decided she no longer wanted any further surgery and over the years has grown to love her scars.

Sacha, a mother-of-one, said:

At around the age of 23 I finally started to feel more confident – I’ve always tried to help other people with my story and my scars, but never properly shown them until now.

My scars of evidence of my struggle and I wear them with pride, rather than being ashamed. I’d been through so much trauma that I decided to put an end to surgery.

When I had my little boy, Lucien-Cruz, who’s five now, my perceptions of life totally changed.

Having a baby changed my life for the better and I moved to a nicer area to give my child a different perspective on life.

He’s such a happy little character and has a heart of gold – I really want to make a good example to him.

I shared my photos on my Instagram page and the response has been amazing – I’ve had some many nice, supportive comments.