Woman ‘sucked out of plane window’ after engine explodes at 32,500ft


A woman was partially sucked out of an airplane window and hit by shrapnel after its engine exploded. Eyewitnesses said the freak incident happened on the Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 that was flying from La Guardia Airport in New York City to Dallas with 143 passengers and five crew Tuesday morning.

They said the blast happened shortly after take-off, and that a piece of shrapnel flew off the destroyed motor before piercing a cabin window, forcing the jet to make an emergency landing at Philadelphia International airport.

It saw female passenger sucked out through the hole by the sudden, violent depressurization, with other passengers reportedly scrambling to pull her back inside.

Passenger Todd Baur told NBC 10:

‘One passenger, a woman, was partially … was drawn out towards the out of the plane … was pulled back in by other passengers.

Todd said said the woman was rushed off the plane to hospital as soon as it landed. Her condition is unknown.

Fellow passenger Marty Martinez told CBS he thought he was recording his ‘last moments’ and that there was ‘blood everywhere’.


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