Woman runs away as ‘angry’ pastor chases her with hot slaps (video)


It appears the stature and strength of every evil spirit determine the method to cast it out of the body hosting it.

A new video has emerged which shows a certain pastor giving his church members hard slaps to reportedly cast out evil spirits from them.

Pastor James Ng’ang’a from Kenyan is one of the country’s controversial pastors who is notorious for the very things most contemporary African pastors are always in the news for.

The man of God is seen in the viral video slapping his congregation members hardly as though the supposed exorcism was a punishment.

One of the women in the church could be seen running away as the pastor chases and continually slaps her as if she was the actual evil spirit that has manifested itself.

Well, as usual, the video has triggered wide condemnations but would those criticisms make any change? Maybe time will tell.

Watch the video below: