Woman paid witch doctor £5,000 to cast spell on sister before stabbing her 68 times


A woman stabbed her sister 68 times after she had paid a witch doctor more than £5,000 to cast a spell on her.

The woman, Sabah Khan, was playing the role of a grieving sister after her sister Saima was found dead in her Luton home, having suffered multiple traumatic injuries, including 68 stab wounds.

Sabah murdered her sister in a cold blood bath after sleeping with her husband and paying a witch doctor more than £5,000 to cast a spell on her which failed.

According to reports, Police initially believed it was a burglary gone wrong until the shocking details of the murder began to unfold.

It all started when Sabah Khan whose family lived as a classic Islamic life: three generations of the same family living under one roof, caring for and supporting each other, started an affair with her sister’s husband, Hafeez Rehman.

“She’d searched for venomous snakes and poison, so it was clear that she had looked into how to kill her sister for some time,” author and former Detective Clare Mackintosh revealed.

It was online that Sabah came across a Pakistani Witch Doctor, or ‘fixer,’ to see to her sister’s demise for the cost of £5,000.

“There had been texts between Sabah and someone in Pakistan who practiced black magic,” Jo Sidhu, Sabah’s defence barrister added.

“A person she’d appealed to and paid money to put a spell on her sister to bring about her early death.”

After all attempts failed, she result in killing her sister herself.

In 2017, Sabah Khan pleaded guilty to her sister’s murder, and was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 22 years.