Woman overhears a man bragging about his cheating skills so she started an online hunt for his girlfriend


A woman has launched a manhunt for a naive girlfriend whose boyfriend was bragging to his friend in public about ditching his girlfriend for another woman.

Aishwarya Sharma went out with her friends to a party in Andheri on a Thursday night. There, she heard the cheating boyfriend, Aman, mention that he was supposed to go out with his girlfriend Supriya the night before but he ditched her and went out instead with another woman who he later made out with.

The incident stayed with Aishwarya and she felt sorry for the unsuspecting Supriya so she posted a message on her Facebook account trying hard to get Supriya’s attention.

The copywriter who is based out of Mumbai wrote on Facebook: “Overheard in Doolally Taproom, Andheri the 2 guys sitting behind me where one is like “Bro I ditched Supriya last night and went out with Nidhi and we made out”
2nd guy: Lol dude tu dude hai.. Supriya won’t find out.
LOL dude Supriya will find out.
So hello Supriya, if your guy’s name is Aman and he was supposed to go out with you on Wednesday night and he ditched you, he’s an asshole.
He has black frames and is thinner than the cigg he smokes..
Calling out all the Supriyas jinke bf ka naam AMAN hai. Dude you need to call that guy asap and say “gobar tatti ka sandwich bana ke kha bc” and break-up! xD
Share this with every Supriya in Mumbai you know…”

The post has now gone viral with people reposting and tagging every Supriya they know to the post. The post has now given birth to the hashtag #SaveSupriya.

Sharma told Indian Express: “There’s been a lot of mockery happening with me lately. People are questioning the authenticity of my post, asking if it’s paid promotion. They have also called me a nose poker and jobless, among other names. But these guys weren’t drunk and they were loud enough and boastful about the whole conversation.”

She further said: “He also mentioned that he’s double dating since a month and have ditched Supriya on Valentine’s Day because Nidhi promised to spent the night with him for the first time and this was the priority. These talks stuck somewhere in my mind. I didn’t mention it to my friend I met that day thinking it was none of my business. But when I came back home, something started bothering me and I posted that status. Also, I usually do that on my Facebook wall so never expected this to go this viral”.


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