Woman mistakenly confesses to cheating following husband’s secret DNA test

A married woman who didn’t know her husband was on a show accidentally confesses to cheating in her marriage amidst the result of a DNA test conducted on their child.

A Ghanaian man identified as Brandon had applied for a free DNA testing exercise through a 3FM radio show in Ghana and was called for the test result.

Brandon revealed that he trusts his wife and is certain that the child is his but only took the test because it was free.

The show host eventually gave him the good news as the DNA result affirmed that he was biologically the child’s father. He was later informed to stay on the phone while a second call was made to his wife who had no idea what her husband did.

Unfortunately, his wife revealed that she had doubts about the child’s paternity too while accidentally she had an affair weeks before her marriage.

Unknown to the woman, her husband heard her confession, leaving the woman utterly shocked when she found out her husband was on the line all along.

The show host offered to hand the couple to a relationship therapist so the marriage could be mended following the heartbreak in Brandon’s voice.

Watch the video below …

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