Woman hospitalized after forgetting to remove tampon for 9 days


A 20 year old student, Emily Pankhurst said she initially blamed exam stress when she started to constantly feel weak, bloated, yellow skin and feel faint. She said she didn’t really panic until a few days later when she started to slur her words and suffer bloody discharge, so she went straight to the Doctor.
She told the Daily Mirror:
“I was feeling really ill by that stage. I was hot and dizzy and felt really strange. “I was bleeding more and my mum suggested I feel about and see if there was anything there.”

She said she checked her vagina then discovered the tampon was still inside her. She said when she pulled it out it was “pure black” and “obviously coated in bacteria”. Which made her rush to the hospital.


After being admitted to intensive care, Doctors said she was suffering from sepsis (blood poisoning) as a result of Toxic Shock Syndrome – an infection caused by bacteria forming on the tampon. The condition is believed to be caused when certain types of bacteria – which are normally found on the skin – get into the body through a wound, burn or through the vagina or throat, according to online search. And if it’s not treated in time, can lead to limb amputations and even prove fatal.

The third-year criminology student said she had inserted the tampon during her period last month but due to stress had forgotten to remove it and insert another one


Doctors managed to save her life using antibiotics but Ms Pankhurst is still unable to walk long distances.
She said her boyfriend has been very supportive, he feeds her and carries her to places whenever she is very weak to walk.

Ms Pankhurst said girls her age are “not aware of the dangers of using tampons”.
She added:
“It is so important to keep an eye on your health, especially during stressful life experiences.
“I hope my story can help others like myself to take care of your health and not take your life for granted because you never know what might be around the corner.”


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