Woman falls in love with her Tesco grocery delivery driver, and now they’re getting married


Three years after a single divorcee mum-of-two opened her door for a Tesco delivery driver in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, they are planning their wedding for July 2020, with just the both of them and their dog Cedric as wedding guests.

Back in September 2017, Helen Alder opened the door to pick up groceries, and the Tesco delivery guy Chris Goody, brought in her food stuffs.

From delivering food stuffs they became friends and he started stopping to grab a cup of coffee and use her bathroom, little did Helen know that one day she will become Mrs Goody.

After a while Chris asked Helen out on a date, but Helen didn’t know that Chris had plans of marrying her someday as he nicknamed her FMG, which stands for future Mrs Goody, on their second date.

An elated Helen, who is now shopping for her wedding dress, speaking to Metro.co.uk said:

‘Back then it was just me and the kids and I had been single for years. I wasn’t looking for anything but I did think Chris was very handsome when he turned up.

‘We started off just chatting on the doorstep, then each week we would just talk more and more. He’d bring the shopping in, maybe have a drink and use the bathroom because it’s hard on the road. ‘He noticed that it was just me and the kids and then asked how long I had been single and things like that.

‘After about six weeks of chatting, he asked me if I wanted to go for a drink. ‘

Their first date was on 20 September 2017, seven months later in April 2018 he moved in, and by May 2018, he’d decided to ask Helen to marry him.

Helen said to Metro UK: ‘We went on holiday to Devon and went for a day trip to Lundy Island. ‘When you get off the boat there, you have to walk up this hill and about a third of the way up, he said “Let’s rest for a few minutes”. We sat on a rock and he produced this ring box and asked me to marry him.

‘That place will always have a special place in our hearts.’

The couple have decided that for the ceremony, they will opt for something very simple, with just them and their dog Cedric, on 21 July 2020.

Helen said: ‘It’s going to be just us and the dog. He’s got a little outfit to wear so he looks the part and matches Chris’ suit.’