Woman accidentally shot while sitting in her living room

A 24-year-old Somali woman has been reportedly shot in the clitoris after a stray bullet entered her room while she was seated in her living room.

A report from Daily Mail says that the stray bullets pierced the living room ceiling and hit the woman. The Somali woman was reported to have been transported to a local hospital for treatment.

According to a CT scan run on her, it confirmed that the bullet has lodged inside the clitoris after being discharged into the vulva. The Journal of Surgery Case has said that this is the first case where a person has been shot in her clitoris and that the bullet has been successfully removed.

“Non-obstetric vulva trauma is an extremely rare occurrence. Typically, the cause of non-obstetric vulvar trauma includes sports-related injuries, straddle injuries, and midline splitting injuries. To the best of our knowledge, this case is unique due to the bullet being retained in the clitoris.”

“The treatment of the foreign body is mostly surgical removal. Under local anesthesia, this patient underwent complete surgical removal of the metallic foreign body. During surgical excision, care should be taken not to damage the urethra and other pelvic issues”, doctors at the Erdoğan Hospital in Mogadishu said.

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