Wizkid New Album Going for the Grammy


It is time and they all know it. Burna has proved that the gate is now open but then, the fight is who takes it first. Burna tried but lost it which throws it open for grabs. Grammy academy facing pressure from yours truly and some others to include African acts in its award plans are restrategizing on how to make that happen. I believe they are doing just that. Thus, it is ripe and those who can spot a ripe fruit would be the first to see it and possibly grab hold for a good bite.

At first, I thought because Davido has dropped his album already which has been acclaimed very successful, he would be the first most likely. But no, the tides are turning real quick as top acts justle the crowning awards. Basically, its gonna be an open battle as major acts with prospects drop their album and it does meet Grammy academy standard.

The recent hint that Wizkid is dropping his album real soon makes me wonder if the Grammy interest is the drive for it this year or was it coincidental?

The bottom line is that Burna Boy has tested it and all other big acts are sure its a matter of time before they lay hands on it. Now, that such confidence has come alive in them. I believe everyone is now busy. They’re busy pushing their albums out while hoping that Grammy academy call on them by nomination.

A likely benefactor could be Davido considering that his album has been dropped for some months back and has done massively well. Early release of Wizkid’s new album could throw the curtain open for all. That way it becomes a fight for supremacy as the public watches with keen interest to discover who became the first to win it.