Wizkid FC has taken over Twitter


Wizkid FC says wizkid is the next Bob Marley and he has resurrected Afro beat worldwide. Musicians like Rick Ross, Drake, Beyonce e.t.c has no choice but to flow with Afro beat.

I have no business with other Artistes, what they do, their personal lives or whatever anyone is saying about them. If you like crucify your fav. Just don’t touch my own Wizkid. I love him with his flaws&imperfections. So no matter what he does. I will always stan. Forever thing!

You know sey, this life na turn by turn

When your time come, my brother

No go gone

When your thing come, my brother

No go rush

Just ease your mind 💉

Nothing like wizkid

Wizkid’s Music Catalogue is richly loaded, like a bank Vault. The more you listen, the more you discover. A Classic Songstylist – A rare Gem. 👑🖤🦅🙏🏿