With Just 3 Posts Cristiano Ronaldo Son Gains Almost One Million Followers On Instagram


The eldest child of one of the greatest footballers of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, storms the Internet by reaching an estimated million followers, 954k, within 24 hours of joining Instagram.

Just like his father, the nine-year-old has severally made headlines in recent times for his exploits on the pitch as a Juventus youth player.

Slashing in a massive number of goals and assists in just a few games.

He didn’t limit his father-like achievement to the pitch as he took his incredible inheritance to his social media account.

On Monday, the future Ronaldo joined the Facebook-owned platform and already boasting approximately a million followers.

Insane! Like father like son.

Just a few weeks back, Ronaldo was celebrated as the first user to mark 200 million followers and now with a gigantic 205 million – the most followed person on Instagram.

The newly created account named @minicristianoronaldo2010 has only three posts presently.

The first which has attracted more than 3 million viewers is a video in which he introduces himself:

“Hi, guys. This is my new Instagram account. I hope you enjoy. Take care, bye,” says Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

The second post was a picture of himself and his siblings in a bath with his father.

And he then uploaded a photo of himself and Georgina Rodriguez, his dad’s girlfriend.

If his Instagram followers feat continues in this super-fast pace do you think he can achieve one hundred million before the end of the year?