Winniefred Nwoko: My eyes, boobs gets me the most attention

Budding actress and filmmaker, Winniefred Nwoko is a role interpreter with remarkable acting talent.

The actress who hails from Abia State but born in Port Harcourt has declared that she has a limit when playing romantic roles.

In her words:” Yes I do have a limit when it comes to playing romantic roles because I won’t have to go nude to interpret a role. I have so much concern for my viewers and what I portray to the world through my act”.

Speaking further, the University of Science and Technology graduate opened up on her favourite qualities in a man.

“I like a man that is intelligent, smart, God fearing, bold, and caring”.

On what drives her, Nwoko said:” Well, I didn’t get into acting fully because of the pay. I joined because of the love and passion for acting. Even when I wasn’t paid or under paid, I remained happy and fulfilled. As a strong woman I had to work to support myself, but I never gave up because I wasn’t paid.

Asked the part of her body that gets her the most attention, she said: “I think my eyes and my boobs gets me the most attention. People always talk about my eyes and my boobs. It gets me lots of attention I must say”.

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