Why your prayers hardly work in your relationships and marriages – Blessing Okoro reveals


Relationship therapist, Blessing Okoro has revealed the reason why some people’s prayers hardly work in their relationships and marriages.

blessing okoro

According to her, their prayers do not work because they pray about one thing and do another. She also stated that some people only pray after they made a bad choice but they don’t do so before making a choice.

“Have your prayers about your relationships and marriages worked? Many of you have been praying for decades and it doesn’t work because you pray for one thing and you do another thing.

You are asking God for something but you don’t want to put in the work.

Some people only pray after making bad choices and not before they make those decisions. Your prayers are not answered because you don’t want to change the choices that you made. You can’t be disturbing your church leaders after making bad choices.”

The statement that Blessing CEO made shows that it is important to work towards the things that we pray and wish for. We should not make the same mistakes and expect that we would have different results.