Why Young Ladies Need to Stop Envying Chioma


I remember when Davido proposed to Chioma back then and gave her Porsche as an engagement gift, ladies kept screaming Assurance and wishing they were in her shoes.

I just shook my head because people do not really look at the long term effect of their actions but they care about the short term benefits and the accolades.

According to story, Chioma started dating David when she was 18. They had a 5 year relationship where he had two kids by other women in between. Are you kidding me?

So, was he at a one night stand with those girls that eventually became his baby mamas? or was in a full fledged relationship with them?

Where was Chioma in all of these?

Where was the respect of a man to his babe?

So, Fast forward 2020, Chioma has a son and would most likely get married to David in a short while. However, did you see the gbas gbos happening on Instagram between David flying his first baby mama and daughter to Ghana?

Apparently Chioma wasn’t having any of it and David had to come and refute the claim of anything between them and that he had to give Sophie Momodu a lift because of his first daughter, Imade?

Do you know that this drama will never end because he has two kids from different women who may still be interested in him and maybe using their children as baits to get his attention?
Do you know that there may be more baby mamas that may join the fleet already because of David’s philandering lifestyle?

Do you know that there is a woman claiming her 7 year old daughter is David’s first child?

How do you think Chioma feels about all of these?

Do you think she’s all smiles and happy at home when she keeps hearing and seeing these things?

Do you think she sleeps well when she may be thinking he’s up to no good at those times when he is at his concerts getting high and doing his thing with his boys?

Do you think her life is all good and rosy because she has money and comfort?

As a young girl in life full of prospects, please think about your future before you prioritize money and fame.

Think of the decisions you are making now and see if your future kids will be proud of you or curse you in their hearts because of the circumstances that you brought them into.

You deserve a man who adores you and want to give you and your kids the world.

You deserve a man who loves only you and will keep choosing you everyday.

It is never too late to live Happily ever after.