“Why will I carry a child for nine months and someone else gets to name it, mothers should be the ones naming the child” – Lady says

A young Nigerian lady argues the decision of a man or other family members deciding the names of babies other than mothers who carried the child for nine months.

In a video making the rounds on social media, a lady insisted on how inappropriate it is for relatives to have a voice on a newborn baby’s name.

Addressing the father of the child’s take on naming the baby, she added that it should be in agreement with the baby’s mother.

“I feel mothers should be the ones naming the child, even if the dad will name the child, it should be in agreement with the woman,” she captioned the video.

The post has since generated a wave of reactions from social media users who mostly disagreed with the lady, particularly the male users.

Reactions as lady argues mother should name babies
_sbentem231 said: “Everyone is entitled to their opinion, when you born your own, you can allow your village Eze Muo to name your child. No be quarrel.”

mrmoraks opined: “The fact that you think the father doesn’t have spiritual power, dey play.”

st.charbella penned: “I repeat… everybody should do as they like😒😒😒.”

4funcomedian noted: “Abeg from today if you know say you no Dey happy for your home abeg keep am to your self or comot, no Dey use wetin you feel come online Dey yarn anyhow Dey advice the ignorant.”

big__dreamz said: “My own be say I no fit do court wedding. Any lady that will marry me. Will marry me for love and not for sharing what I worked for? Cus na pikin wey I born go get everything wey I get and not my wife. Na only the child.”

abakalikibusinesslink wrote: “If you have troubles in your home…come out and say it with your full chest. My parents are late and my siblings allow me to give their children names. They are happy,I am happy …we are all happy.”

Watch the video below …

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