Why we think Davido is artistically better than Wizkid


The protracted argument about who is the better musician between Wizkid and Davido has been resurrected once again after Billboard released its top 15 Sub Saharan African Artistes based on global views.

And with the recent seeming brouhaha between them whereby bloggers reported that the two have unfollowed each other on social media, it’s essential we dabble in this mouthwatering debate to get their fans talking once again.

Although it’s premature to use this to determine who is the best, statistics always sounds louder when evaluating how great an artiste is.

The list shows Davido firmly rooted at number 3 with 285.76m views ahead of Wizkid who occupied the 5th spot with 176.23m views.

So obviously Davido has a more global appeal and his videos are loved worldwide, with his rival Wizkid not far from sight though.

Ultimately, Burna Boy who has been beefing Davido in recent time would have the last laugh and something to thump his chest with.