Why we are not married – Aneke twins


Nollywood’s identical twins, known as ‘Eke Twins’, who hit the limelight in 2004, when they started acting, recently opened up on their love life.

In an interview with Tontrends the sisters explained why they are not married yet.

“We are not delaying anything; God’s time is the best. It is written in the Holy Book that he that findeth and not she that findeth; it is the he that will find us (laughter).”

When asked if they fight over men, they responded “(Laughter) Please, we don’t talk about our private life in public. In real life no! In movies, yes!”

The twins also shared their future plans and the project they were currently working on.

“We are working on premiering our new movie, it is entitled Onochie. Also, we are releasing two epic movies into the market very soon. They are entitled Heart of Isiaku and Adaora.

“Our dream was very simple; we wanted to be employers of labour in whichever capacity. The reason for this was that we had a passion for the less privileged; we wanted to take care of the poor. Today, society has given so much to us, so we have to give back. We want to use this opportunity to thank God for the grace and the talent He has bestowed on us”.

The girls had so far received several awards in London.

One of them was the Diamond Special Recognition Awards Worldwide.

They received it based on their hard work and humanitarian drive.