Why the Muslim disowned Dj Khaled


Mohammed Khaled Mohammed popularly known as Dj Khaled is an American rapper, don’t writer, record producer and hype man. He is born on 26th November 1975 in Orleans Louisiana by Palestine parents who were Arabic musician. The immigrated to US and based in Miami. He also has a brother Alec Khaled (Alaa Khaled) who is an actor. In Miami he started putting interest in music.

But according to Sharia law, they don’t believe in fame. Before Khaled was the fame the Muslim warned him not to be. But the young man, who has passion for music knowing that it is the food to the soul can’t sit and watch his career. He continues his Music Industry. Dj Khaled left the Muslim no option than to disown him from being a Muslim.

Look at him now, look at Dj Khaled now, go is the biggest Dj, he has many music label which includes We the best, Roc nation, Cash money, Young money, Def Jam South, Terror Squad etc. He has many music and have appeared in movies also. He current net worth is $65 million. Sometimes you have to break the law for better amendment he says.