Why Stella Damasus Has Been off The Movie Screen


Stella Damasus, is a Nollywood actress, producer, television personality and a model. Born 24th April 1978 in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria. She first appeared in the movie industry in 1992, where she featured in the movie “Abused”. The movie, “Breaking Point” brought her to limelight. And had since then featured in over 200 movies which include: Missing Angel, The Intruder, Dangerous Twin, Burning Desire, Dangerous Desire etc. And won the award for best actress for the movie “Two Birds and a Baby” at the Golden Icons Academy Awards in Houston, Texas United States of America in 2012.

In 1999, Stella Damasus got married to her first husband, Jaiye Aboderin but died in 2005. Married again in 2007, to Emeka Nzeribe but the marriage lasted only 7 months. In 2011, Stella Damasus started a relationship with Nollywood multiple award-winning producer, Daniel Ademinokan. But they both never publicly admitted to be dating, engaged or even married until 2014.

Fans of Former Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus has lost hope on her case as she is yet to return home since 5 years she has been with Daniel Ademinokan. She has plans to stabilize her marriage in the United States, but in the career front, she is not as relevant as she used to be back in the days.

Secondly, Stella Damasus is a bit uncomfortable with the situation she left her fans after she allegedly ruined her colleague’s marriage. But hopefully, we anticipate her active performance before the screen..

Do you miss her acting? Was she your favourite back in the days