Why some fans cry when they meet me- Bukunmi Oluwasina


Talented actress, singer and script writer, Bukunmi Oluwasina has revealed that some fans cry when they meet her.

The Obafemi Awolowo University graduate said:”Some fans cry when they meet me. Sometimes I want to cry too because I feel so emotional. They do this when they are trying to show how much they love me and what I do. That is the only embarrassing moment I experience when I meet some of my dedicated fans”.

Oluwasina also stated that it is not a good idea for actors to have one stream of income.

“It is not a good idea for an actor to have just only source of income. The people who know what they are doing get paid well. You can’t be an actor and depend on only acting alone and you expect not to get broke at some point. You cannot keep going for every job. It will get to a point where you will get broke .So you need to have a side hustle that can be filling the vacuum when the jobs are not coming”.

Speaking further, the versatile role interpreter noted that she doesn’t have close friends in Nollywood.

“When you have friends in the same industry, it could turn you into the devil that you are not. Anybody making friends with you in the industry have something they want from you. You have to be wise and know what you are doing. Your favourite friend today can become your enemy tomorrow. Apart from the movie industry, it’s like that in the real world. There are no permanent friends or enemies”.

Sharing her opinion on ladies who opt for body enhancement in order to look good, Oluwasina said: “Ladies who use body enhancements have low self- esteem .For anybody trying to enhance any part of their body , it means they are dealing with low esteem”.