“Why Nollywood movies are better than Hollywood, others” Actor Nkem Owoh

Veteran actor, Nkem Owoh otherwise known as Osuofia, has commended the efforts of Nollywood practitioners in making our movies highly competitive with foreign movies.

The movie legend, in a recent interview with News reporter in Enugu, described
Nigerian movies’ stories as far better than that of their Bollywood and Hollywood counterparts.

He said, “If you check the time and how we started, you give kudos because we are making a tremendous progress in the industry.”

Further commending Nollywood, Nkem Owoh stated that Nigerian movies present real life stories and happenings around them, so it is wrong to compare the quality of Nigerian films with those coming from the advanced countries.

“The storyline we take is better than any story from any woods, we don’t have the technology, but we have the story.

“We are a th!rd world country coming up, and people should give us kudos for the level we have attained.”

Speaking on technologies in Nollywood, he noted how Nigerian film producers were only using technology imported from advanced countries.

Osuofia stated that with the available technology in place, Nollywood had been to the next level of improvement

“I believe, with the stories and creativity among us, if we get the needed technology, we will go places”.

Most Nollywood movies on Netflix are a pain to watch – Bobby Obodo

Years back, Bobby Obodo had expressed dislike for the movies Nigerians filmmakers are putting on Netflix.

A social media post of his saw him labeling the movies from Nollywood which are on Netflix a pain to watch.

Acccording to Bobby Obodo, this may backfire on Nollywood as the golden opportunity the platform offers was being messed up.

“Most of the movies we’re putting out on #Netflix are becoming painful to see. Such great opportunity to literally reach most parts of the world to showcase #Nollywood via the platform, & we fucking up. Errbody wants their “shit” on Netflix- I suspect for $$$ & bragging rights.

“I hope creative producers/directors/writers start putting out good movies on there to save us the shame & ridicule that cld befall #Nollywood, before it’s too late. Lazy/predictable storylines, horrible extras, disastrous costumes, etc. Come on, mehn. This opporutnity is golden!”

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