Why no one is talking about the safety kits donated by Dr. Paul Enenche


The senior pastor of Dunamis international Gospel with his wife, Dr. Mrs. Becky Enenche and some medical expert from the church headquarters had on Tuesday visited the federal Capital Territory where he donated safety items and medical equipments to combat the deadly Coronavirus. But the news didn’t go viral as it did when service held on Sunday.

When it comes to insulting men of God, people’s mouth becomes sharper and quick to talk about things they even sometimes know nothing about.

Dr. Paul Enenche the general overseer of Dunamis Church had also donated thousands of safety Kits to Abuja residents yet no one is saying nothing about it, if it was something to insult men of God now you will see flying all over the cyber space.

The government has earlier banned Churches from holding services on worship days (Sunday) following the Outbreak but his church Dunamis international Gospel held it’s service and that singular act sparked rage from Nigerians.

Some citizens vent their anger by rendering insults by saying unwholesome words and referring to some men of God as being insensitive.

However, the senior pastor had address the public as to the reason why service held being that the Sunday service day was the only medium they had to pass an awareness to members and needed to have service that day since members had already come and won’t be appropriate to send them back home.

“It is necessary for us to offer clarification on the rationale behind the conduct of the Sunday service of Sunday, 22nd March 2020 in the light of the current event in it Land -COVID-19”.

Items donated by the church included 8 units of hospital bed and mattresses, 2 units of height measuring sticks, 1 unit of examination couch, 2 units of diagnostic sets, 3 units sphygmomanometer, 1 standard unit micro haematoent centrifuge. 2 unit sets of oxygen cylinder, 5 Cartons of regular face masks, 1 unit of automatic stretcher, 6 pieces of drip stands, 1 standard unit of ultrasound machine, 20 liters of methylated spirit, personal protective equipment collective, 20 liters of Dettol, 1 standard unit of hospital screen, 10 pairs of medical boots.

In addition were other non-medical equipment, which included 6 units standing fans, 1 unit of 5 KVA generator and 2 units of water dispenser and other items.

Thanks to Dr and Dr. Mrs Paul Enenche!! May the Bless you and bring healing to our Land.