Why Men Cheat: What our women have never been told


Men cheat for a good number of reasons, of course women cheat also, even better than men, but since the trending issue of stabbing, poisoning, removing brake from the car of the hubby, it is pertinent, therefore, to focus this article on few reasons men cheat that our women may never have heard, or may have heard but choose to ignore, and when the side effect starts to become obvious, which in many cases is cheating, our women cry fool most of the time, and without knowing that they contributed hugely to this factor.

Of course there have been many theories that support the tendency of men cheating, chief among them is the polygamous nature of a man, to this assertion I will only say that when a man is exposed to promiscuity at an early age, polygamy doesn’t become a genetic trait but a character learnt over time. Men can put their sexual urge in check! However, have you considered why good men cheat? Men, whom you the wife, knows that your hubby has been faithful but suddenly you start discovering that he has started cheating? This is the only reason for him doing that.

The reason isn’t because you aren’t beautiful and sexy anymore, it could be, but the most reason is this—your husband has been lost in the mist of being a husband, a father, a protector, a caregiver, burden lifter, encouragement stimulator, love giver, life of the family, that he has lost the essence of why he is a human being. The wife and the children exerts much pressure on him to show love, give love, and provide for the family, that nobody remembers that he himself is also an emotional entity that needs to be shown and given love too. The wife and children see him as a strong man that doesn’t need reaffirmation to know that he is loved. When men become so burdened with the above, deep down, they want someone that will love them, someone that will show them care, someone that will speak to the emotional aspect of them, someone that will chat with them with nothing relating to family and family issues and its needs, they need an escape into the essence of love, care, and reaffirmation of that they are loved and can be shown love, and since the wife and children are too busy demanding and taking from the man, and without giving back, thinking that the man is so strong that he doesn’t need such frivolities and attention of love and affection.

When these become so much for the men, they tend to look outside to find someone who isn’t just taking from them, but who also is giving to them too. Giving them love and affection, giving them attention. Listening to their bitter tales of struggle and frustrations, and giving empathy and reassurance. Since the wife and children are the only ones telling the man their tales of frustration and struggles, and the man is the encouragement giver while his is bottled up to the brim and not finding expression. Whenever these men see avenue to unburden themselves on someone who cares to listen, they become intimate with the person, even to sexual intimacy.

Women should learn how to allow their men express themselves too. They should occasionally show them love and attention. Arrange surprise gifts and getaways. Make the man feel that he is a human being who has emotional feelings which needs to be given attention too.