Why marriages don’t last today but lasted in the time of our fathers – Apostle Suleman reveals

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, has revealed why this is so. He gave this revelation in an excerpt from a sermon, which he shared on his social media page.

He started by blaming technology for making the youths of today independent, thereby making them refuse to listen to the elders who have gone ahead of them

“The problem with Africa, Europe and America, is that technology has made us feel so independent. That is why marriages don’t last again,” he said.

He explained that in the past, a thorough investigation would be made by one family on the background of the other, and vice versa, to discover whether or not the two families would be compatible to get married.

“When you go to your father and you want to marry, they will check the girl. They will do thorough investigation. They will check her father’s side. They will check her mother’s side. They will check how their family is. Then they will say ‘My son, you can’t marry that girl.’ And you will agree,” he said.

He lamented that now that people marry for love without doing a proper background investigation, marriages don’t last at all.

“In those days, marriages last 50 years. In the days of love, the days of I’m in love, marriages cannot last 3 years,” he lamented.

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