Why Is S eX Healthy? See Top Reasons


I’m sure you’ve heard time and again how s3x is healthy for you and I know for a fact that a majority of the ladies feel that this is just some lie concocted by men to get them to have s3x more often. Well, ladies and gents, it is indeed true that sex isn’t just for fun anymore. It is in fact part of a healthy lifesty and here are some reasons why from YourTango

* Orgasms actually switch your state of mind from pain to pleasure, and the contraction and relaxation of muscles can relieve cramps and some pain instantly.

* Feeling a bit under the weather? Well orgasms have been proven to increase estrogen and endorphin levels, which will improve a woman’s mood.

* Oxytocin, often referred to as “natures bonding agent” increases up to five times at the point of orgasm. This is it what makes it easier for you to bond with your partner and maybe do some cuddling.

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