Why is China paying Wuhan COVID-19 victims $100 000 each


News surrounding the COVID-19 out break in China keeps on getting darker and darker.

The Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China has made a preliminary announcement about how the government is planning to compensate the poor victims of COVID-19 in Wuhan, Hubei province.

Liu Ken the minister of finance said the victims could get up to 7 000 000 Chinese Yuan (approximately 100 000 USD) when the numbers are finalized. The survivers will get the same amount as those who died, the money for the deceased will go to their families.

Many people are saying the government had more to gain from the pandemic that’s why they are even paying people who suffered from the virus. There are others who still believe that the real death toll of Wuhan COVID-19 victims is not correct and the government is hiding the real facts about the virus.

We recently learned that Wuhan is getting back in business and the wet market in the city that sells wild animals and insects is open again. In fact, bats are back on the market and they are being served again in restaurants around Wuhan. You would think something that is being blamed for a global pandemic would strictly be forbidden.

While the epicenter of the virus seem to have had completely curbed the virus. The COVID-19 is still wrecking havoc around the world.