Why I want to visit Verydarkman in prison despite his issue with women – Jaruma

The aphrodisiac businesswoman, Jaruma Empire weighs in on the arrest of the estranged critic, Verydarkman while revealing her reason for wanting to visit him with food and water in prison despite his issue with women.

Verydarkman was arrested some days ago over crimes concerning cyberbullying and has since been in prison pending the fulfilment of his bail conditions.

In a recent post, Jaruma addressed the situation the critic found himself in while emphasizing how she had once been a victim of Verydarkman’s slanders.

She stated that VDM called her out once based on hearsay and without confirming the truth with her first, he made a series of defaming statements in her name.

While quizzing on useful information about the prison’s location, Jaruma stated her reason for planning to visit the critic is to prove to him that women are good and thoughtful people regardless of his beef with them.

“He has insulted me too and I understand your anger. Things based on what he heard or read which is not true; a lot of us are guilty of it. Maybe we should go and check on him just to show that women are not as bad as he always tearing them down,” she said in part.

Watch the video below …

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