Why I refused to stand up while others recited the new national anthem at an event – Activist Aisha Yesufu (Video)

Activist Aisha Yesufu in a new video making the rounds on social media disclosed why she refuses to stand up while others recited the new national anthem at an event.

Aisha Yesufu has been one of the trending conversations online following a video she shared on her X handle last night, May 31st 2024 as she was seen deliberately ignoring the new anthem.

While others stood in respect as they recited the new national anthem, Aisha Yesufu remained seated, flipping through a book and adjusting her glasses.

Recall that on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024, President Tinubu trends online as he changed the national anthem to the old one.

This means that the country’s national anthem “Arise O compatriots” written by a Nigerian has been changed to “Nigeria, we hail thee” originally written by British expatriate Lillian Jean Williams and composed by Frances Berda.

However, in a recent interview, activist Aisha Yesufu stressed that there is no new or old national anthem as the only national anthem is “Arise o Compatriots.”

Aisah Yesufu added that she would stand up to recite the national anthem but if the one being read out is “Nigeria we hail thee” she won’t stand up as she doesn’t know the “thee” they are hailing.

The activist further added that the change in the national anthem is an obnoxious law stating that the national assemblies have better things to focus on as Nigerians are ashamed on their behalf if they are not ashamed of themselves.

Aisa Yesufu stated that the situation of things under the presidential administration led by Tinubu is getting worse as companies are leaving Nigeria, GDP is going down and there is no security of lives and properties.

Watch the video below;…..

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