Why I prefer one night stand- Bolaji Ogunmola


Bolaji Ogunmola is a rising actress fast making a name for herself in the Nigerian movie sector.

When asked to pick between a one-night stand and friends with benefit, she said:

“I don’t like friends with benefit, but If I have to choose between one night stand and friends with benefit, I will pick one night stand. We just do it and forget about it. I will never see you again or talk to you again, no emotions intact”.

The versatile role interpreter also added that a man has no business being in a relationship, if he is not financially capable.

“If you are not financially stable, don’t be in a relationship, giving is part of love. How do you give , If you don’t have?”, she queried.

On the qualities she looks out for in a man, Ogunmola said: “You have to be able to make me curious about you .When i am with you, it’s good to leave an impression.

I want to be intrigued by you. You have to be good looking and you have to be able to hold your own.

I cannot marry a man who doesn’t hold his own .You need to have your dreams, goals and aspirations in life.

I cannot be with someone that does not challenge me to be better. My deal breaker in a relationship is if you don’t love God. If you are not passionate about God.”