Why I prefer being called fat not plus-sized – Monalisa Stephen

Surprisingly, Nigerian film actress, Monalisa Stephen has stated that she prefers being called ‘fat’ rather than ‘plus-sized’.

Unlike many others who believe being called fat is offensive, Monalisa has banished the thought of being in such category during an interview with Saturday Beats. In her words:

“I prefer being called fat because that is what I am. Some people find the term ‘fat’ offensive, so they tend to use ‘plus-sized’, ‘fluffy’, or ‘chubby’. But for me, it is what it is; I am fat.

I will expect people to know that I am not angry when I am called fat. Being called plus-sized is not empowering for me. I feel people should be able to live in reality; to know if they are really fat.

If they don’t like the way they are, they should do something about it, instead of getting angry at being called fat. There is nothing wrong with being fat and accepting one’s body.”

The content creator who recently revealed she once had sex with her boyfriend 27 times in one day, also addressed her talent and handling social media trolls. Monalisa Stephen added:

“I have always worked based on my talent. I am into content creation because I am talented; not because I have a sexy body. I am a talented content creator.”

“Before now, it used to get to me because I always wondered why someone would pick up their phone and drop a hate comment on someone’s post they don’t even know.

Before, I used to try to educate them. But, I have found out that there are some people that just don’t like one and that’s okay. One is not jollof rice that must be enjoyed by everybody. When I see such comments, I ignore them or use the ‘block’ button. There is nothing to prove. I just ignore or use the block button.”

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