“I have never cheated on my wife of 12years” — Relationship expert says, reveals why (Video)

A relationship guru, who has been married for more than a 10 years has revealed why he never cheated on his wife.

The man who said that he has never cheated on his wife (for 12years now) in a video making rounds online, noted that it is not because he is perfect.

He further added that he faces the challenges and temptation to cheat on his wife, but the verse of the Bible which says he should do into other what he wants them to do him has restricted him from falling into the temptation of cheating.

In his words: “I have been married for 12 years and I never cheated on my wife. Not because I am a robot, I am a human being and I face the temptation of cheating everyday. Like everyday I want to cheat on my wife but I don’t because of the word of God says ‘do until others as you want to be done to you’ and I would not like to be cheated.”

Watch the video below:

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