Why I dress glamorous despite being a pastor- Eucharia Anunobi


Veteran actress and pastor, Eucharia Anunobi has said Nigerians like it when people fall.

The role interpreter made this statement while reacting to the question of the suitability of Chioma Uzodinma, the wife and first lady of the new Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma.

Sharing her opinion on the suitability of the 30 –year old Lawyer to be a First lady, Anunobi said on TVC’s ‘Your View’ : “Nigerians like it when people fall. We need to pray for her and wish her well.

She also needs to look up to mentors and get informed on what it will take for her to fulfil her duties. I am sure she will do well. It’s not by her age, age is just a number”.

On what she has been up to, the beautiful actress said:” I have been working on set, from one cinema movie to the other, from one speaking engagement to the other.

There are a couple of personal things that I am doing too. I have been in the industry since I did my NYSC. I have been here for the past 23 years”.

Eucharia also emphasized on the need for young actors to get educated, adding that having star quality is not enough.

“Having that star quality is not enough, over time you need to fine- tune it. Education will help you do that. This education necessarily doesn’t have to be a University education.

You can read, you can do online courses. I am always reading and studying. After I had become a star, I still went back to school for my Masters”.

Sharing her thoughts on why she dresses glamorously despite being a Pastor, she said: “On the 17th of March 1997 when I went for the altar call, I was already a super star, famous .I had already done ‘Glamour Girls 2’ and was already sitting on my queenly throne. God found me this glamorous and he didn’t judge me. While I was with him, people were not there. There is a reason he found me this way, in this industry.