Why I Attacked My Security Guard – Actor, Segun Arinze


Segun Arinze, v eteran Nollywood actor, has finally opened up on why he assaulted Isaiah Daud, his security guard, in a video that went viral on social media on Monday.

A viral video shared by a Twitter user @CloakedAdonis, showed Segun Arinze chasing his security guard on the streets of Chevyview Estate, Lekki.

@CloakedAdonis had alleged that the actor assaulted his domestic staff for breaking the burglary of his house and also for using his car without his permission.

In a chat with TONTRENDS, the veteran actor told his own side of the story, read below:

“Isaiah has been working with me for over a year, I take him as a younger brother and I never treated him like a staff, but his excesses are too much.

“He leaves his duty post at will without informing anyone in the house.

“He left the gate open unguarded countless times. I have spoken, counseled, gotten angry many times, to no avail.

“On Sunday, he left the house without informing me; he returned on Monday afternoon, saying he went for a party and forgot my gate key at his friend’s house.
“At that point, I couldn’t bottle up my anger any longer, so, I slapped him.”

“It is said that the man who filmed the incident couldn’t spare some time to ask what led to the public outrage.