“Why have you forsaken me God, his death may shorten my days on earth” – Man heartbroken as he loses his only son

A middle-aged Nigerian man, Fred Teer Mop expresses his profound sorrow following the untimely demise of his only son.

The bereaved father, who laid his son to rest shares a sequence of tearjerking posts on Facebook, where he candidly poured out his emotions and shared his anguish.

In one of his posts, Fred revealed that he and his wife had patiently waited and prayed for years to be blessed with a male child.

When their wish was finally granted, he pledged to dedicate his son to God’s service as a priest in the Catholic Church. However, tragically, his son recently passed away under undisclosed circumstances.

“My Lord my God, why have you forsaken me? I thought a day will come; then I will kneel before you oh Lord and testify of your goodness and mercy in thanksgiving and your name shall be glorified.

“Sadly, my sufferings and sacrifices have all gone in vain. You have made me a laughing stock before the enemies. Rest in peace BABA my dear son. Your death no doubt may shorten my days on earth. Go my son, am coming behind you.”

“Aondo Ter Sha Mimi yo u hemba. Dear beloved son, I and your mum prayed to God everyday for you ( male child) to come to this world through us; God answered our prayers after several years and you finally came amidst wide jubilations,” he said in part.

See his posts below …

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