Why Femi Otedola allowed his girls express their creative talents


All over the world, there are stories of tycoons and magnates who wish to have their children follow their footsteps in the business world. From pre-school toddlers to high-ranking executives, the heirs of some of these world’s wealthiest are groomed to inherit massive fortunes. However, Nigerian businessman and Chairman, Geregu Power Plc, Femi Otedola, comes across as a liberal-minded individual who allows his beautiful daughters to choose their paths in life. It is a general knowledge that Otedola’s beautiful and well-educated daughters —Tolani, Ife and Temi—are in their own world, pursuing their individual creative passions. This is with the total support of their dad and Nana, their mother. The first of the girls, Tolani is literally having a sizzling romance with soul music as a singer. Tolani went into music after her studies as Psychology and Philosophy graduate of St. Andrews University and a Masters in Music at the Vocal Tech in the United Kingdom. She already has some hits including a duet with Reekado Banks.

The Energy magnate’s famous second daughter, Ife, popularly known as Cuppy, is an internationally renowned disc jockey. She holds a Masters in music from New York University, and interned at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Her dexterity behind the turntable has earned her accolades as well as popularity across the continent of Africa and beyond. The last girl, Temi, is United Kingdom-based fashion and lifestyle blogger. She runs JTO, a fashion blog where she expresses her fashion, art and photography adventures. Temi has a degree in Art History from University College London and had her internship at Oscar de la Renta on Mount Street. She is now bringing out another of her innate talents as a thespian with a leading role in Citation , a new movie by award-winning filmmaker Kunle Afolayan. Temi’s starring role in this international film completed the circle of the Otedola Sisters’ creative talents.

Under the guidance of their parents, the free-spirited billionaire kids seem to have taken their passions to impressive heights within a short period of time to the amazement of many. No doubt, they are a pride to their loving parents. Many have also given kudos to the energy magnate for allowing his daughters to be expressive. Unlike several well-heeled parents who won’t allow their children to dabble into Creative Arts, Otedola is actively supporting his children in their artistic pursuits. He sprung a surprise when he turned up, alongside his beautiful wife, Nana at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife location of Afolayan’s Citation to see how his daughter has been coping during the shoot.

Apart from his wealth, the name Otedola might soon become synonymous with art in the nearest future. Though Otedola has always talked about his appreciation of the arts, most people view him just as a consumer of the arts, not an active promoter of creativity. Surprisingly, the business mogul’s love for visual arts has been under-reported, despite the fact that he has acquired some very expensive pieces of art works across the world in the past years.