Why destiny etiko can’t fit in mercy johnson’s shoes(see reasons)


Destiny etiko came into the movie industry at a very young age,while not denying her acting prowess is quite impressive but they are some flaws.

They have been alot of comparison with her and mercy Johnson,with some in most quaters saying she can easily replace mercy Johnson.

I will be giving reasons why she can’t

Mercy is a versatile actress:

We all know mercy Johnson is an all rounder taking some of nollywood’s most challenging roles.mercy as featured as a depressed widow,a mad woman,a police woman,a working class married woman et all.

Destiny etiko on the other Hand has been stagnant in almost all movies she featured in playing same kind of roles and exuding any atom of versatility in her craft.

Destiny etiko can’t do comedy:
We also when it comes to female comedy in nollywood only funke akindele and Mercy Johnson can give it their all
Mercy has exuded her comic skills in dumebi the dirty girl,in love with a fighter and so on.

Destiny etiko has never attempted anything comic in her acting career
Tho we can’t judge her and If we are to juxtapose her with mercy and ask her to play the roles..she can’t deliver.

While these two actresses are actually wonderful with what they do ,