Why Cross Rivers rejected face masks from China – Shan George


Actress Shan George has said that face masks from China were rejected by the Cross Rivers State Government because they are not safe.

Shan George made this known after the government prohibited the moment of citizens without face mask.

The actress also revealed that the state has gone into the production of face masks as she appealed to citizens to exercise patience because the distribution will take time.

Shan George wrote: “Dear Crossrivarians, May God forgive ungrateful hateful hearts, we just rejected china masks bcos its found not safe, 2 days ago we started making ours, even if govt is magicians they cant distribute to everyone in one day, which is why a number is put out there for people to call in case they’ve not reached u, for those comparing electricity Bills distribution to food and mask distribution, d electricity Bills r never distributed in one day to everyone, this is more urgent than electricity Bills.

“Pls keep ur politics, parties, or personal hate for the governor aside and let’s work as one. This is a time to unite, stop sitting in ur bed at home and spewing hate online, when there r people out there risking their lives, working tirelessly day and night to make all crossrivarians safe. I come in peace. #ilovecrossriverstate”.