Why CocaCola will not use trending Baringo girl as brand ambassador


CocaCola beverage company will not use the Baringo county girl as a brand ambassador after they earlier banned advertising using children under the age of 12 . Most social media users shared her photo asking the company to use her as an ambassador .

The marketing policy “Coke says it won’t advertise “directly” to children in ways that appeal “primarily” to children or to engage in “undue” marketing in schools. Coke’s policies bar marketing in media that directly ,” will not allow the girl .

“Having recognized long ago that its sugar-sweetened drinks contribute to health problems, Coca-Cola has never advertised on children’s television and has pledged not to market those drinks to children 12 and under ,” it reads .

Her picture with a CocaCola bottle of Soda expressing the happiness of quenching a thirst took social media by storm with everyone appreciating the message of the photography and the peace the little girl showed in her face .

With disappointment social media users knew not that the international company had marketing policy that denied Jebiwott a chance to shine as the ambassador of the beverage company . The policy denies any minor below 12 years of age .

Even though she will not fly the Coca cola flag , she has shown the photographer to the world , as they say a picture speaks a thousand words , the Baringo county angel gave the world a million words speech with her picture .

Daggyshy who captured the exemplary moments has been consistent in blending the Pokot , Tugen culture with western culture with his photography skills , but the latest has shown him to the world .