”Why are African parents obsessed with marriage” – Denola Grey asks

Nollywood actor and fashionista Denola Grey revealed his worries about African parent’s being obsessed with marriage.

During the interview, Denola Grey said that instead of asking young people when they would marry, African parents should worry about fixing their own marriages. The interviewer also chimes in by saying that African parents should worry about fixing their wigs, which Denola Grey agreed to.

Denola Grey also said that a lot of African parents aren’t happy in their marriages, and they were just stuck there.

He said that why would African parents expect him to just find a random person and get married to, when he could take his time and find the right person.

The crux of Denola Grey’s message was that African parents often pressure young people to get married early. While his message may have been beneficial to some, others had a few things to get off their chest about Denola Grey as a person, with no relation to his statement.

themagichands.ng wrote, “Men acting girly will never be attractive.”

_prettydollface wrote, “You say what? Half the older generation parents i know are in a happy marriage but then i get his point too”

thereal_ayoaustin wrote, “We know why you aren’t married.”

omega1 wrote, “The werey fit wear G string as he sit down there”

edutex_poundz wrote, “The one in the red suit gives g@y vibes!!”

funkeyi wrote, “I don’t have anything nice to say let me just shut up”

queens_magicmakeovers wrote, “Mister, shall I call you Mr? Pepe Julian Unzima”

liz_world25 wrote, “I don’t like podcasts but Omo he ain’t lying!!! The pressure is too much! They literally just want you married atp more than they want you to be rich!”

angelicglow_skincare wrote, “He said he doesn’t like slavery so marriage is slavery now? Coming from a man sef. Na wa o!”

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