Why actress Genny Uzoma is now seen as the sexiest actress in Nollywood


Popular Nollywood actress Genny Uzoma is not only beautiful, but also sexy.

And truth be told, she is indeed the hottest Actress in Nollywood. She’s even hotter than Mercy Johnson.

Genny Uzoma is a Nigerian actress, writer, model, entrepreneur & movie producer who although born and raised in Enugu state hails from Imo State.

Uzoma hails from Imo State, which is a geographical location predominantly occupied by the Igbo speaking people of the West African nation Nigeria. She is a graduate of Enugu State University, where she obtained a degree in political science.

Uzoma began her professional acting career at the age of 18 and was registered under the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Enugu chapter but temporary quit acting as she got a job with a telecommunications company. She subsequently resigned from the job and returned to acting. She commented on her humble beginnings, stating that she had to borrow funds in order for her to be registered as a true actress and since her parents were not in support of her choice to become an entertainer, she knew it would be futile for her to ask them for funds in order to finance her ambition.

Uzoma in February 2019 debuted her movie production career and floated a company known as Zina Studios and has produced executively two movies titled Jemima the Trophy wife and an igbo indigenous movie titled Nkiruka.

Uzoma won the “Revelation of the year” award at BON Awards, in 2015.

Nominated For City people movie award for most Promising actress of the year (English) in 2018.