Why A Former K-pop Star and YouTuber, Jay Kim, Reverted to Islam


Jay Kim, now Daud Kim, is a renowned former singer and a famous Korean YouTube celebrity. His channel on YouTube has over 550,000 subscribers. He has been exploring Islam with many of his video clips like “Is Music Haram?” And “Eid in Korea” dating back to a year before his reversion.

He posted his video pronouncing Shahada, the declaration of reverting to Islam, at the Seoul Central Mosque. He then changed his name to Daud from Jay, because he was brought up as a Catholic with the baptized name of David. He stated in one of his videos on Facebook and Instagram why he becomes a Muslim.

According to him, “I did think Islam is a religion of terrorism, hatred and oppression. But my thought changed when I got a promotion to Jakarta in Indonesia. Two things surprised me when I got there, they are very kind more than expected and their girls covered their faces with veils. ‘Is someone forcing you?’ I asked one of the girls but she replied ‘I’m a diamond and incredibly precious. So, I don’t wanna show this to other people and nobody is forcing me but I’m proud of it”. I got startled for her reply.

Unfortunately, when I returned to Korea, my father lost his job. Thus, I quitted music and found a job. But I wanted to do more creative things so I launched a YouTube channel where I randomly talk about my experience with Muslims in Indonesia. I get many viewers on any recent video I post and that’s how I met the real Muslims apart from the ones media tells me.

Ultimately, I started practicing Islam,praying five times daily, fasting Ramadan and reading Quran to elevate my faith in Allah.”