“Who’s this again?” – Video trends as an Islamic cleric claims that Prophet Mohammed had a sugar mummy during his time (Watch)

A popular Islamic cleric has got many people talking online following his shocking revelation about Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

The middle-aged Islamic cleric while delivering a public lecturer raises eyebrows as he claims that Prophet Mohammed had a sugar mummy during his time.

Backing up his point, the Islamic cleric disclosed that prophet Mohammed was at the age of 25 when he got married to his wife, Khadija who was 40-year-old.

The Islamic cleric without hesitation described the relationship between the prophet Mohammed and his older as a perfect example of “Suger Mummy”.

He justified Khadija as sugar mummy to the prophet Mohammed because of the 15years difference between them.

Moving forward, the Islamic cleric during the lecture utters that if a young man is good in bed, his sugar mummy will always yearn for him.

He however concluded by saying that Islam does not forbid having sugar mummy but Islam forbids sleeping with someone else’s wife or husband.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

pattyyy49: Khadija was far older than him so…technically she’s…

princehussseiin: Sugar mummy ke…some people think say once them wear caftan wear cap, carry mic, dem don turn imam or shiek…This one na mumu wer deh try spoil person name. I pity him d day he will GOD will ask him about this.

___dami___lola: If you talk too much you go start to dey talk nonsense mitchw.

bkg_designs: This new generation alfa just be opening mouth and be closing it 🙁.

taaoofeek: What he is trying to say is you can date older women, islamicaly it is accepted… But the ones way carry religion for head go think say he is talking rubbish….. ISLAM IS NEVER A HARD RELIGION… NA UNA WAY DEY NIGERIA 🇳🇬 MAKE AM HARD.

cutebookey: Where’s the lie.

__godneverfai: Nah true but misunderstanding dey worry una 🤦🤦.

iam_hamzyfundz: The old man beside am look am like werey re o😂.

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