Who is the real African gaint – Davido or Burna Boy?


Many Nigerian music lovers are of the view that Burna Boy‘s ‘AFRICAN GIANT’ tag is inappropriate saying he is nowhere new that title.

It could be recalled that Burna Boy has been parading himself as the AFRICAN GIANT and even has an album name after that tag.

Well, comparing his achievement in music to that of his fellow Nigerian musician, Davido, Burna Boy doesn’t deserve that title.

We share the same view with many Nigerian who believe Davido is the REAL African GIANT.

We are not saying Burna Boy is not talented but having that title isn’t right considering the efforts of Davido.

Music-wise, Davido has reached many people on the African continent than Burna Boy with his songs receiving much playing time.

Africans appreciate Davido‘s music better than Burna Boy because of how he portrays himself in the songs as well as corresponding videos.

In short, Davido looks appealing than Burna Boy with many thinking that the latter is just a braggart who is very impatient.

Burna Boy has come under serious attacks in recent times over his attack on Davido and it was then that many Nigerian told him point-blank that he can’t compare himself to Davido in any way.

Davido has also touched more lives in Nigeria than Burna Boy. The number of people Davido has helped and continues to help is very appreciative. We are yet to see that of Burna Boy.

Last but not the least, Davido has also groomed several upcoming acts that have released some hit songs making waves on the African continent. We are finding it hard to name just one act that Burna Boy has groomed.

Well, from the above points we would like to ask, ‘WHO IS THE REAL AFRICAN GIANT – DAVIDO OR BURNA BOY?’”

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