“Who Are You, What’s Your Achievement In Life” – Man blasts sowore after rearrest statement (Photos)


Sowore started trending yesterday after it was revealed through him that there were plans to arrest him and inject him with Coronavirus and it obviously didn’t sit well with this gentleman as he blasted him in tweet reply to one of swore tweets

Nigerians had flocked to sowore page to show their undying support and love for him after he made it known in a public statement that There was plans to arrest him and if that fails.. To possibly inject him with Coronavirus

Whether sowore is trying to garner public sympathy like so many others trying to use this Coronavirus as an opportunity to get more political fans, Most Nigerians don’t know neither does they care.

This twitter user obviously doesn’t care and made know his opinion in reply to sowore tweet here

Abegunde folorunsho had voiced out in a rant against spore where he practically compared his political prowess with top politicians in the country.

In. His tweet.. He said

“Pls Sowore who are you, how many top politicians can you stand, what is your achievement in life that will make a president to run after you, I beg park well, your brain need resetting”

Obviously spore has not won the hearts of Nigerians and would need to work harder to do so