“WhiteMoney is doing too much” – Saskay tells Big Brother

The five nominated housemates who are Saskay, Cross, Emmanuel, Angel and Yousef had what could be their last diary session with Big Brother and when it was Saskay turn, she revealed some things to Big Brother about her fellow housemates.

Saskay who started with Saga said she doesn’t think they can be friends outside the house because they weren’t friends in the expect if that person is Nini and they haven’t even had the time to talk. And for White Money, Saskay went on to say he’s doing too much and doesn’t know if that’s a strategy.

Even though she knows he’s smart, she feels he’s doing a little bit too much. Saskay made mention of this when he thanked the housemates for behaving well in his tenure as HOH.

Earlier in the season of the show, White Money ability in the kitchen area has been questioned and had an outburst with Pere regarding that.

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