“While I lay in hospital carrying my miscarried baby, all Kess’ family thought about was money” – Kess’ wife

Angel, the wife of a former BBNaija star, Kess, has opened up about the emotional turmoil she endured during her recent miscarriage and the subsequent lack of support from her husband’s family.

The revelations came amid an ongoing controversy involving allegations of infidelity and deception.

Angel, who is of Caucasian descent, first made headlines when she publicly accused her husband, Kess, of infidelity with another woman named Christy O.

The scandal had already been heating up, with Kess countering her accusations by claiming that she had stolen from him and attempted to have him expelled from the Big Brother’s house.

However, in a heartfelt statement, Angel has shed light on her side of the story, emphasizing that her involvement was instrumental in Kess being chosen as a contestant on the reality show.

She stated that the show’s organizers sought a married man to participate and that Kess had initially assured her that he would not engage in any actions that could tarnish her or their family’s reputation.

Angel revealed that not long after the start of the show, Kess had begun a romantic involvement with another contestant named Ilebaye, causing her profound distress.

Her anguish deepened when she suffered a miscarriage, losing their child.

To her dismay, Kess’s brother publicly announced the miscarriage, with the message seemingly prioritizing Kess’s pursuit of victory in the BBN competition over her personal tragedy.

Angel was still in the hospital at the time, coping with the loss of her unborn child.

Angel disclosed that she had written to the Big Brother production team, informing them of her miscarriage.

However, she emphasized that her intention was not to have Kess expelled from the house but rather to convey the message to her husband about the profound pain and grief she was experiencing.

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