Which Between These Two Celebrities couple is Your Favourite?


There have been so many arguments on this, where even some fans take it personal. These two couples for sure have been thriving very well in the industry for a very long time now. I could say the love both share are growing on a daily bases, despite some little up’s that comes in.

But permit me to air my view on this. In my opinion the two couples are really cool, but I prefer that of Simi and Adekule Gold, if i may be blunt, I would say there love emanated from what we call true love, that’s if there is anything like that, I’m fascinated with the way they carry their love, professing it in songs. in fact it moves me so much when ever I listen to the duo song.

For Davido and chioma, both are equally doing well, but without mincing word I would say their love is sustained by the influx of cash. I do have this believe that it’s because of Money chioma is so inclined to Davido.